Friday, June 22, 2012

So its been a while since my last entry. I haven't been feeling it. I didn't really have much to say, nothing relevant. There were no real updates on Eli's bubblegum, all that I could seem to do was complain about how fat I felt, how much I hate my job, how sick I was of being sick....I was really caught up in being miserable and I didn't feel like subjecting everyone to that. That is what facebook is for. Ha. But we now have some news, and I feel like I am in a much better place mentally and emotionally so I want to share some of the information. 
We had the fetal MRI yesterday and the diagnosis was not a home run at first. We were told that it was looking like an arachnoid cyst but because of its size and location it was unusual and the imaging needed to be sent off for a second opinion. Well we got the results today. It is indeed an arachnoid cyst located on his cerebellum. The cerebellum has two hemisphere's. Because of where the cyst is, one hemisphere is smaller than its counterpart. It also appears his vermis is somewhat underdeveloped. What this means is Eli could (or could not) have some developmental issues. But we don't know much more because there isn't a lot of research out there. Hardly any, actually. So where do we go from here? We have another sonogram July 3rd where we will most likely set up our neurosurgeon appointment. Eli will need another MRI once he is born and will undergo chromosomal testing. Not because they think there are abnormalities within his chromosomes, but because they don't know....there isn't a lot of information out there and these tests are as best a place to start as any. 
There is more to the story but I wanted to keep it short and sweet and not put the cart before the horse and freak anyone, including myself, out. Basically this is a waiting game. Which we have been playing for a few months now, so we are pro's at this. When we meet with Dr. Nathan and the neurosurgeon we will know a lot more regarding what we could be up against developmentally. 
So for now we just continue to think positively, keep our heads up, stay strong and pray pray PRAY! Its all we can do! Today I have peace and acceptance. It's not to say I won't have my bad days. I will. And when I do, I will deserve them. But for now I am just focusing on a healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy that I am BLESSED to call my son. 


  1. Sending you and the hubby and lil Eli mad love, long-distance style. Hugs!!

  2. As someone said earlier on FB, Eli will bring nothing but joy to your life. The soul fulfillment that Eli will occupy in your attention, your thoughts, and literally your physical and emotional being, will make all the anxieties up till now vanish. — the fun of the ride. it'll click and you both will be engaged in a consciousness that is equivalent only to being "there."

    It's wonderful, noisy, and amazing all at the same time.