Monday, July 9, 2012

Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks pregnant and only 35 days from my due date! I just cannot believe it. Its all happening so fast now! Eli dropped today while I was at work! Out of no where I just felt this intense pressure in my pelvic area. It hurt pretty bad, took my breath away and pretty much scared the crap out of me. I thought he was going to fall out of me! Like he was crowning! I started googling preterm labor I was so scared. But I pulled in the reigns and hopped off that freak out as soon as I got on :) Rational Sara kicked in and baby dropping seemed much more reasonable than preterm labor. Haha.
Work has been SO hard the last month or so. I'm carrying what has to be at least an extra 35-40 lbs on my small frame - I stopped counting. Numbers are just that, numbers. No need in getting worked up over numbers at this point. So all the extra weight bearing down on me, my hips, my knees, my ankles, and being on my feet all day at work, well, its pretty damn uncomfortable and challenging to say the least. I take more breaks to sit down and cry, than I do anything else. I'm kinda useless at this point. Every day is hard but today was by far the worst day. With him dropping and putting all that pressure on my pelvic area, my inner thighs (which are already going all loosey goosey in preparation for birth) went totally out of control! I couldn't walk, I couldn't stand, everything would just give out on me and send a fire throughout that entire area. I thought I was waddling before......NEUUP! I am officially the most waddling pregnant person to have ever waddled the earth. At least that is how it feels. I made the decision last week to not be a hero, and hang up my superwoman cape. All along I have just thought I would work till I went into labor. NOT HAPPENING. My body won't allow it. So July 29th is my last day! I will take a week of vacation and then start maternity leave. Hopefully Eli cooperates and I can get some rest, relaxation, and properly nest. Not panic nesting like I recently started doing. That is not going to work :) Panic is not what I need to be feeling right now. I know that if Eli were to come tomorrow, it would all be ok and we have everything that we need for his arrival. But I still want him to cook as long as possible and give mommy and daddy time to get as much done as possible. 
Our little man will be here very soon! We have a regular OB appointment next week and then we start our weekly visits. I never thought THAT would happen but here we are! We have one last sonogram August 1st to monitor the bubblegum, which is still stable and shouldn't be a problem during birth. Woohoo! The anticipation is almost too much sometimes. I'm stuck between totally ready and totally unprepared and not even close to being ready for everything that having a baby entails. I'm pretty sure thats normal :) It doesn't really matter because he is on his way! I have a baby head pressing down on my bladder and pelvis as a constant reminder of that :)